5 Core Exercises To Make Yourself Stronger | Strength And Conditioning For Triathletes

Published on December 29th 2017


Core exercises tend to come in and out of fashion, but I think by now we all realise that actually it's a very important part of training. Doesn't just make you more efficient, but it helps the injury prevention, especially if you're training for triathlons. Though it's a good idea to strengthen this area before a problem occurs. But if you're anything like me, it's one of those exercise that often comes to the bottom of the list when you're trying to balance three sports and everyday life. So to get you started I've chosen five of my favourite core exercises. Subscribe to GTN: http://gtn.io/SubscribetoGTN Check out the GTN Shop: http://gtn.io/5s Thanks to Club La Santa for the locations used in this shoot. Side plank rotations are the first part of this. It's important to get a really good solid side plank. So I'm gonna use my forearm and elbow and lie that on the mat at 90 degrees to my body. And then gonna lift my hips up. So the endpoint of contact will be my forearm and my feet. Can either have one foot in front of the other like so. I personally prefer it with one foot on top of the other like this. Now you should be completely at 90 degrees to the ground, so facing a wall if you were looking at one. From here this is where the rotation part starts, so with your upper arm, in my case my left, I'm gonna touch through behind my elbow, touch the ground, reach up to the sky. Follow your hand as well so you rotate your head and it just puts a little bit more challenge on the rotation. Back down, all the way up. First time just try and do five of these. Concentrate on doing them really well rather than lots of them, and then obviously you're gonna rest and swap to the other side. And I want you to try and manage three sets for the first time. A common misconception with core is it's about having a six-pack or it's just working the front of your stomach. But actually it's the whole band around this middle part of your body, including your glute muscles. And this exercise is gonna work your glutes. And if you're anything like me, they might be a bit lazy and they need a firing up. So lying with your knees bent, on your back, 90 degrees roughly here. Looking straight up, and the important part is squeeze your glutes and lift your hips up towards the sky. Making sure you have a straight line from your knees, hips, to your shoulders. And then take your arms off and you've got the control, and you want to do this nice and slowly so you're focusing on getting it the correct movement, 10 times, then have a rest. And do that three sets. This exercise is as it sounds. You're on your front. You're gonna be walking out with your hands. So to start you need to get into a press-up position, little bit like a plank, but on your hands, keeping everything nice and straight and controlled. From here, you're gonna walk out with your hands, taking small steps until you get to the point where you feel you can just still hold it, and then from there small steps back in until your hands are underneath your shoulders. If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 http://gtn.io/5t Music: Epidemic Sound Trap Battle Watch more on GTN... 📹 7 Resistance Band Exercises - http://gtn.io/7bandexercises 📹 GTN's Guide To Trail Running - http://gtn.io/Trailrunning