Aero Vs. Road Helmet | Which Is The Best Bike Helmet For Triathlon?

Published on May 20th 2018


An aero helmet is designed for being fast, but how much of an advantage would you get from racing in an aero helmet over a road helmet during your next triathlon? Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: In a wind tunnel an aero helmet will easily win over a road helmet, but in reality it isn’t that straight forward. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing what to use in your next race. Bear in mind the type of course and conditions that you’ll be racing in. You might have a super streamlined position riding on your turbo or out on smooth flat roads... but if your race course has lots of sharp corners, steep hills or strong winds that will cause you to come off your aero bars and onto your base bars the you might even be better off with a normal road helmet. We also consider the climate, cost, weight and the race distance when deciding which helmet will be faster for your next triathlon. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends 👍 If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link - Watch more on GTN... 📹 Time Trial Vs Road Bike: What's The Best Triathlon Bike For A Technical Course? - 📹 How To Get Aero | Find The Ultimate Aerodynamic Position With Bart Aernouts - Music: Epidemic Sound Car Chase Rock And Roll 6 - Victor Olsson Heavy 80s Sleaze 8 - Victor Olsson San Diego Tools 5 - Stefan Netsman Photos: © Triathlon / Getty Images