Cycle Faster For Free With Time Trial Specialist Matt Bottrill

Published on March 5th 2018


Matt Bottrill is a bit of a guru when it comes to time trialling and just cycling fast. We're going talk about optimising speed, power, aerodynamics and pacing to make you faster on the bike! Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: Matt seriously knows his stuff when it comes to time trialling, aerodynamics, and just going fast. He has coached Tim Don to the current Ironman record, Lucy Charles, Will Clarke, Susie Cheetham, and Rachel Joyce. Mattโ€™s own accolades include a 10mile TT PB of 17"40 and he was the UK TT champion for the 10, 25, 50 and 100mile. And, just a couple of years ago he decided to give triathlon a go! The body is 80% of your drag while you're riding, or while you're racing, so, the better aero position you can get in, as well as optimising power efficiency, then you are going to save some serious time. In 2014, Matt learnt a lot about aerodynamics losing 20 watts in power, but gaining 40 watts in aerodynamics resulting in massive improvements. As shown, cycling fast is about much more than having strong legs. It involves looking at every element that's gonna make you go fast. The position on the bike, the training, you're just breaking everything down, trying to find all those one percents. If you liked this video, don't forget to give it a thumbs up and share with your triathlon and cycling friends ๐Ÿ‘ If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link ๐Ÿ‘ Watch more on GTN... ๐Ÿ“น How To Improve Your Triathlon Training | What Is FTP? - ๐Ÿ“น What Is The Optimal Cycling Cadence For You To Run Faster Off The Bike? - Music: Epidemic Sound Car Chase Rock And Roll 1 - Victor Olsson Teenage Lullaby - Ooyy Photos: ยฉ Triathlon / Getty Images