How Can You Deal With Race Day Nerves? | Ask GTN With Holly Lawrence

Published on December 24th 2017


We're hear in Chattanooga at the 70.3 Ironman World Championships, just a couple of days before the race, and the reigning world champion, Holly Lawrence, has said that she'd like to have a chat with us. So, we're just outside her hotel. We're gonna go and find her and ask her a few questions. Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: Thanks, Holly, for joining us. Well, obviously we were chatting earlier, and you were saying about your injury a few months ago. I know as an athlete, it's that constant balance, of how you're pushing yourself hard enough, but staying injury-free. How do you find that balance? How do you work that out? Yeah, well last year it was all about being consistent. The year before, I had kind of up and down results, because of just putting together a really couple of hard weeks, and then being floored by it. This year, I had a really consistent winter, and my last year results showed after a consistent year. I actually got an injury which was unrelated to an overuse or anything, as most kind of injuries are of pushing yourself or whatever, where I kind of pinged it on a rock coming out of an ocean swim. So, it was just one of those unfortunate things, and I'm lucky that it's kind of healed up now. Yeah, I'd lost a bit of running, but we'll see. But how do you, so you know, you've, I don't think lucky's the right word, but with that, how do you manage how much you can push your body, and what do you listen to to cut it back? Yeah, well I'm very in tune with just how I feel, and I think I've been doing it enough now that, to just trust what I think and what my body tells me ultimately. I'm lucky that the coaches that I work with are very science-based, so usually the numbers back up how I feel anyways, so it's not like we're contradicting each other. What do you measure, then? What numbers do they take? So, it's all like stress scores, because of the power data and heart rate data and everything that comes out of my training, mainly on the bike because it's the biggest kind of commitment. Train Sharp, my cycling coaching company, they track all of that, and they can see if my stress level, like the total stress balance is elevated, that you know it's only gonna be a matter time that I'm gonna be ill or injured or whatever. So, that's taken away a lot of the guesswork behind that. Do you find when they tell you that, that you normally are like, "Oh, yeah." It adds up with how you're feeling? Or does sometimes it surprises you, and you're like, "No, I'm fine." Yeah and no. Pretty much, the data always reflects how I feel. Like if I'm feeling really tired or whatever, you can look back on the last how many weeks, and it's like, "Yeah, it's okay, I'm supposed to be tired. "It's because of this, and I need a bit more rest," or whatever it is, yeah. That's cool. I saw you changed that recently with that. Was it a few years ago then, when you go to working more with numbers? If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 Watch more on GTN... 📹 Run Like A Pro - 📹 Ask GTN With Chrissie Wellington -