How To Balance Work And Triathlon Training | Ask GTN Anything With Pieter Heemeryck

Published on October 24th 2017


It's a question we get asked so often and as triathletes, it's a constant balance of how you fit your training in with your work. Now I'm delighted to say we have got a professional triathlete here who does just that. Pieter Heemeryck is joining us and we are going to find out, exactly, how Peter, you balance working part-time as a teacher and being a very successful pro. Have you had to change anything and if so, what, since the arrival of your child? Yeah, the big thing is I started training with my new trainer in November and the good thing was one of his other pro athletes, Maurice Clavel, had a baby the year before. So when I said to my trainer, yes I am going to become father he said it's no problem, I've got one pro-athlete who did it last year. That was a good thing for me that he gave me a lot rest. How do you change your structure of your actual sessions around your work? Yeah, the good thing is my trainer asks me every week from how is your next weeks going to be. Then I can say, this week it's very busy on Thursday and Friday and then I know that those two days will be my easy days. How do you fit your rest in when you're working, and how important is that for you? Yeah, the good thing is, I thought, when I was coming to train with my new trainer, Lubos, that I was going to train every week very hard, hard, hard but its a very good combination of some ways it's very easy and I'm thinking I want to do more, more, more, more but its just at that moment, its just do what coach said. Any tips on how when you are resting, when you are tired at work, any way of helping that? Yeah, there are days that I'm so tired that I think there is 15K on my schedule and I think it's too much. Maybe that day only do 10 and just rest some time more. Do you do a certain type of training, a different type of training before than you do after? Or do you mix it up, do you try and stay more aerobic and lower level in the morning? How do you balance it in that sense? Mostly if I've got my big days on school, yeah it's hard. Easy days then I have only like eight kilometre run. Just for your heart rate. Yeah, it's just very easy but on some days, where I've got only two hours lessons, the day's bigger but the training with most focus on going very hard that day or on the easy days. Throughout the year, how many hours a week are you training? Yes, some weeks its only 15 hours, sometimes 18, 20 but when I've got vacation, It's like 25, 30. Its very yeah, during the school year it's like okay. If I hear sometimes the hours of the other pros, I think from, I'm scared to go to the races. And do you ever feel like, ah, I could go much faster if I was full-time? And are you tempted? No, I don't think so. There are a lot of pro guys who are aged 40 or 42, like in Belgium we have Marino Vanhoenacker, he's I think 41 or 42 now. and he just one another RiderMan. In my opinion, I want to do triathlon as long as I can. If you like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up like and comment below with your best piece of advice for balancing work and training! Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 Watch more on GTN... 📹 How To Run Train Like A Pro - 📹 8 Key Stretches To Improve Your Flexibility -