How To Choose An Indoor Trainer | Which Wahoo Trainer Is Right For You?

Published on January 30th 2018


Indoor trainers are a really efficient use of time and great for getting quality bike sessions in. But with so many on the market these days, finding the right one for you can be a bit of a minefield. So I'm going to help you to choose an indoor trainer. Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: In association with Wahoo. Magnetic, direct-drive, fluid, air, smart trainers; where on earth do you start? Well there are so many more options available for indoor trainers compared to when I first started cycling, and to demonstrate this Wahoo have kindly stepped in. They've loaned us a few of their products that we can run through in the same range that is used by Ironman world champion and Olympic Games gold medalist Jan Frodeno, and even Team SKY. This is the KICKR SNAP from Wahoo. It's Wahoo's more affordable trainer; it's another wheel-on design, meaning it's fixed and mounted in the same way as the previous trainers, but this is a smart trainer. This means that you can connect the trainer to your bike computer, your smartphone, your tablet, or even your computer via Bluetooth Smart or ANT+, so you can monitor your training as you go, and actually in some cases you can increase the intensity on these as well. I'm currently using the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT bike computer but you can use other bike computers, and if you don't have a bike computer you can actually use the Wahoo Fitness app to capture the data. But the beauty of the smart trainer, and actually a really popular option, is to connect it to something like Zwift or Trainer Road to give you that kind of outdoor, real feel. The Wahoo KICKR: we're taking it up a level here now; this is Wahoo's ultimate indoor smart trainer. This is in fact a direct-drive trainer, and that means that we have to remove the rear wheel, and then we place the dropouts of the bike onto the axle of the trainer, which also has a pre-mounted cassette. Now that just saves us all that effort of having to use a turbo tyre, or even having to switch a wheel out with a turbo tyre on. It is a relatively heavy device: it comes in at around 21kgs. As with all smart trainers really, a really cool setting with this smart trainer is the ERG mode. So say you want to sit at a set power or you're trying to follow an intervals session, then you can just do that: set it, the turbo does the rest for you regardless of the terrain or your cadence. Something even cooler - the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB. Now we've been talking about indoor riding feeling realistic, but how about your bike actually moving with the simulated terrain? The forks lock into the KICKR CLIMB, so the bike will literally tilt upwards or downwards with ascents or descents. In fact, you can range from ascents of 20% all the way back down to descents of 10%. If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 Music: Epidemic Sound Bronx Back In 95 2 - Jan Chmelar Knockout 3 - Da Tooby Last Chance Man - Måns Billner Urban Poetry 2 - Jan Chmelar Watch more on GTN... 📹 How To Increase Your Power On The Bike - 📹 Indoor Cycling Interval Workout On The Ironman World Championships Course -