How To Do A Beach Exit In A Triathlon

Published on May 26th 2018


As you come to the end of your open water swim and the shore is in sight, you need to think about your exit. Do it right and you can shave valuable seconds off your time! Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: Mark and Heather share their tips on how to nail the open water swim exit. To improve your time in T1, swim until your fingertips touch the ground, then drive up with your knees. Then flick your feet out to the side so they don't drag on the surface of the water. It may look silly but you'll soon be laughing when you shave valuable seconds off your time! If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 Watch more on GTN... How to perfect your beach start 📹 How to improve your open water skills in the pool 📹 Photos: © Triathlon / Getty Images