How To Remove Your Wetsuit Quickly | Improve Your Triathlon Transition Time

Published on November 9th 2017


Removing your wetsuit with speed is the key. There's no point in taking two minutes off your swim time if you're just gonna spend five minutes battling to get your wetsuit off in transition. Use the last stage of your swim just to visualise the process you're going to go through in your transition and then try and stay relaxed, control your breathing and try not to get too flustered as you come out of the water. So, as you come out of the water just pop your goggles onto your head. You do see quite a few athletes who will take their hat and goggles right off and then they struggle as they've only got one free hand to take off their wetsuit. So, once you've found even footing, the next step is just to simply undo your wetsuit. The next step is to get your arms out and it's important to do one, then the other because if you try and do both at once, you're quite likely to end up stuck and possibly looking like a penguin. Once your arms are free, peel your wetsuit down to your waist and now you can run into your transition area and this is the moment you take your hat and goggles off and just carry them in your hand. So, once you've got into your transition zone, it's time to get your wetsuit the rest of the way off. Start by peeling it down and then it's going to be one leg at a time for the final bit. If when you get to this stage, you feel a little wobbly or you're out of breath, then there's no harm in just taking a seat and pulling it off one leg at a time. So, once you've got your wetsuit completely off your legs, you just need to make sure you store it within your transition area before you start putting your cycling kit on. Finally, one last little tip, just add a bit of lubrication around your wrists and your ankles as that will help you get your wetsuit off with a little more ease. Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 Music: Epidemic Sound Cause I Am Coming Home (Elphick Remix) Watch more on GTN... 📹 Run Train Like A Pro - 📹 Open Water Swim Tips -