How To Run A Fast 5k With GCN's Dan Lloyd

Published on August 22nd 2017


Mark shows GCN's very own Dan Lloyd how to improve his 5k time by introducing both a speed and tempo session into his weekly training. Whether it is at the end of a triathlon or a stand alone run race, all triathletes can improve their run speed and technique. Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: All triathletes can improve their running technique, pacing and speed over the 5km distance. Whether it is at the end of a triathlon or a stand alone event such as your local park run, there is always room for improvement. Mark shows GCN's Dan Lloyd how to increase his speed over 5k. After retiring from cycling, Dan got in to running as a way to keep fit that doesn't require a large time commitment. His first Park Run was 21:12 however over a period of 12 months he reduced this to a low 18min 5k. His time has now stagnated and he is therefore looking for new ways to improve. Mark's suggests including specific sessions to increase your speed and threshold levels. - Speed session - include a session each week such as 8 x 1min hard with a 1 minute walking recovery between each. These shorts reps are designed to get the best speed out of yourself however as you progress either increase the duration or number of reps. - Tempo session - include a session each week such as 2 x 3km at tempo (7 out of 10 effort level) with a 3 minute walking recovery between. These efforts are designed to bump up the point at which your body begins to produce lactic acid and your legs begin to burn. - Technique - having the correct technique can shave off a lot of time over a 5k event. Check our 'How To Run Like A Pro' video for more on this. - Pacing - this is key to take your running to the next level as its very common to go off too fast at the beginning of a 5k. Aim to sustain the same pace throughout the race which may mean holding off slightly at the start. If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 Watch more on GTN... 📹 How to run like a pro 📹 9 essential skills every triathlete should master Music: CONVOY - PER LJUNGQVIST, GEORGE NAKAS; BF - BREAKS LONG INTRO