How To Run Like A Pro | Running Tips For Triathletes

Published on August 17th 2017


All triathletes want to look smooth and effortless on the run. Former professional triathlete Mark Threlfall shows you how to run like a pro and shares his key tips to improve your run leg at the end of a triathlon. Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: When you see a pro triathlete on the run it can be hard to believe they have swum and cycled already. In this video watch former professional triathlete Mark Threlfall as he shows you how to run like a pro and transform your technique so that you look smooth and effortless. - Contact time refers to the amount of time your foot is in contact with the ground. Faster runners generally have a shorter contact time as they are able to transfer power quickly and efficiently. Adding short intervals to your training along with plyometrics can improve this. - Another way to improve your running is to run tall. Aligning head, shoulders, hips and legs keeps you tall and balanced and this helps you to utilise big muscle groups and become a more efficient runner. - Mark's next tip is to focus on foot placement. Rather than focussing on how your foot lands, try focussing on where your foot lands. Make sure not to over stride and aim for your feet to land beneath your hips. - Running with tense shoulders can restrict your breathing and prevent you from running effortlessly. Relax your fingers and drop your shoulders as you run. Follow these tips and learn to run like a pro! If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 Watch more on GTN... 📹 The first ever GTN Show 📹 4 Swim Workouts For Triathletes