Mark Threlfall's Cérvelo S5 | GTN's Presenter Pro Bike

Published on December 23rd 2017


I've run you through my TT bike the P5X, but now it's time for my road bike the Cérvelo S5. And though I ride my TT bike more so these days, I actually started out on a road bike doing ITU short distance draught legal racing, so I really enjoy coming back to a bike like this. So let me run you through the frame, components, and some of my set up choices. Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: So starting with the frame itself, I'm 6'1 and previously I used to ride a 58 centimetre frame but I've more latterly switched to 56 centimetres so this is a 56. And that's just come down to personal preference, trial and error, just really enjoy that size now. It's an aero road frame so you can see the kind of truncated design of the down tube and a slightly slimmer seat tube and that just comes down to aerodynamics and improving the airflow around the frame. And on the subject of aerodynamics, we've got the Cérvelo Aero handlebars, and the thing I really like about these is that it's not a one-piece design with the stem, so it means that I can just nice and easily adjust the angle of the handlebars as well. And on those handlebars I've got the Polar M460 bike computer. And with it being aero handlebars it can sometimes be tricky to find a mount that will work with those handlebars, but fortunately, Cérvelo have got BarFly to specifically design a mount that will work for them. So moving on, I've got the Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 groupset. And on the crankset I've got a 52/36 setup with a 172.5 crank length and on the end of those I've got the Look Keo 2 Max pedals and on the back I'm running a gear ratio of 11/26. I'm running the Vision Metron 55 wheels. I picked that depth for aerodynamics and to suit the shape of the frame and from a perfectionist point of view, kinda looks quite good too. And to finish it off I've got the Continental Grand Prix 4000 tyres and they're in a 25mm width. Now you'll have noticed that I've got standard rim brakes on this bike and unlike a lot of aero road bikes, they haven't actually hidden the callipers, though on the rear they have designed it so the rear seat stays actually shield the calliper so it improves the airflow around the calliper. And then moving down from that, something Cérvelo have kind of pioneered, is their extended seat tube cutout. So basically the trailing edge of the seat tube comes in closer to the tyre, so it improves the airflow around the frame and around the tyre and the wheel, therefore reducing turbulence of the wind and improving aerodynamics. And finishing touches to the bike, I've currently just got one bottle cage on there but going back to my ITU days, I would normally run two bottle cages. I'd have a 500mL bottle in each. Energy drink in one and water in the other which I'd use to wash down gels or to cool myself off in hot races. Moving up through the bike we've got the Cérvelo proprietary aero seat post, but on top of that we've got the Fizik Antares saddle. If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 Watch more on GTN... 📹 Mark Threlfall's Cérvelo P5X Presenter Bike - 📹 Road Bike Vs. TT Bike, Which Is The Best For Climbing? -