Maurice Clavel's BMC Timemachine Pro Triathlon Bike

Published on February 10th 2018


We're here with the tri bike of professional triathlete Maurice Clavel. Maurice is part of the professional triathlon team BMC-Vifit Sport but he originally came from a short distance ITU background. Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: Maurice is riding the BMC Timemachine in an M-L with a few updates for the 2018 season. Traditionally, TT bikes are considered quite aggressive, were quite limited in adjustability, but BMC have thought about that. So, actually comes in two options, Maurice has opted for the flat bar option, which is quite an aggressive low profile. But, for many non-professionals who want maybe a slightly comfier position, you can also get the V-Cockpit. On adjustability, you can move the pads for your elbows out slightly further, Maurice has got those in very close. Then coming out from that you've got the 3T ski poles, and in the middle of that he's got his Polar M460 bike computer. The bike is fully kitted out Shimano Dura Ace DI2 R9150 groupset. So, at the end of the poles we have shifters to change gear, and then also on the base bar, and also whilst I was actually setting up the bike up and shifting through the gears, I realised that he's got Synchro Shift enabled. Synchro Shift basically means that whilst you're changing gear on your rear cassette, it also makes fine adjustments in the front mech in line with that and also change from the small ring to the big ring and vice versa. The front brake works traditionally, but the rear brake features this brake boost. Which allows you to run the calliper slightly wider so it's a bit more clearance, eliminating the risk for any rub. So for every 1mm that you pull the brake lever for the rear brake, the calliper itself moves 2mm. Moving back through the bike now and onto the crankset, he's got a Shimano Dura-Ace crankset, and he's actually running a 55/39 chainring set up so quite a big jump. Crank length, he's got 172.5 on the end of those he's go the Shimano Dura-Ace pedals, and you've probably noticed this red thing here, and that is the Pioneer Power Metre which is new to the team for this year. So, moving to the back of the bike and onto the cassette, he's got a Shimano Dura-Ace cassette in an 11/28 which is quite a big range, but we are catching Maurice out in Lanzarote on a training camp. Down to the wheels he's got the DT Swiss Arc 1100 wheels, which have been designed in conjunction with Swiss Side who have a background in F1. So I think it's fair to say aerodynamic testing on these is going to be pretty thorough. On these, he's got the clincher Vittoria Rubino pro tyres in a 25mm width. Onto the saddle, and I thought this was really interesting because this is typically a road saddle, this is the Fizik Arione saddle. This is where BMC has got another trick up their sleeve because this bike is not only designed for triathletes, it's also designed for cyclists with two different seatpost ports. Maurice has opted for the forward, more aggressive position. If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 Watch more on GTN... 📹 Alistair Brownlee's Scott Plasma Pro Bike - 📹 Top 10 Kona Facts -