Pieter Heemeryck's Scott Plasma TT Pro Triathlon Bike

Published on January 6th 2018


Check out Pieter Heemeryck's SCOTT Plasma TT triathlon bike. Pieter's best result on this bike was his win at Challenge Prague and he has ridden it to more great results since. Subscribe to GTN: http://gtn.io/SubscribetoGTN Check out the GTN Shop: http://gtn.io/5U Here we are with Pieter Heemeryck's SCOTT Plasma TT, and Pieter himself, which is great. Pieter, what's your best result you've had on this bike? Best result I think it was my winning Challenge Prague. There I had I think first bike's bit or maybe second ride was there so. And how long have you actually been riding this bike? I think it's starting the season, so 5 months. How is this different than what you were riding before? Yeah, it's the same bike. The only thing I changed was here. I've got now this bends, otherwise it was more straight, but I more like this ones. You said you had a bike fit. Was that part of the change from the bike fits or? Yeah, they saw it's more for me. It's more important to be more comfort and I like this position much more than the other. Alright, now we just have a quick look at you, and a few interesting bits and some bits you've said had made in the UK. Can you explain what you've got going on here and the reason for this very aerodynamic looking section? Yeah, this is a part from Drag 2 Zero and it makes the bike more aerodynamic and I've got an inner tube, two tyre levers and a CO2 plectrum inside it so it's very aerodynamic and you don't have to put it after the bike or to do it with duct tape so it's very good stuff. Another little piece you said that's come from the UK is your computer mount here. Talk me through this. What is this? Why do you have this exactly? I was searching for a good TT mount and I add all the others as the rim fell off. For the bike, I mostly choose for the ZIPP 808, the new one, the NSW Series. If it's possible, I choose for the disc. And yeah, the tyres are always with me, 25mm Continentals. Not the fastest one, but I'm not so technical on the bike so I choose for more protection and I think it's the GP4000 S2. So yeah, it's not the fastest tyre but I like them the most. Okay, now you mentioned that you've changed your poles a little bit. What poles are you using and what shift has you got here? Yeah, I think it's called Ski bends. Yeah, before it was more the flat ones. It's more aggressive but I found out if I am in this position more, more comfort that I can keep the butts longer, high, so that's why I choose for this one now. For drive train, I choose Shimano Di2 and it's very good drive train. With it has the SRM. Also, the Shimano Race pedals and I've got 172.5mm cranks. If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 http://gtn.io/5V Music: Epidemic Sound REDWOOD- RAYNIE Watch more on GTN... 📹 How To Climb On A Tri Bike - http://gtn.io/climbtribike 📹 5 Essential Swim Skills To Master - http://gtn.io/SwimSkills