Triathlon Kit: When Do You Get All The Gear?

Published on February 3rd 2020


We’ve all heard the phrase “all the gear, no idea”? But at what point is it deemed OK to have all the gear? We know as triathletes, and we're no exception that we love all the kit, but we’re going to help answer the question… At what point do you buy all the gear?! Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: If you enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. 👍 Submit your content here: If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link - Watch more on GTN... 📹 Do You Need A Triathlon Bike? | Road Bike To Tri Bike On A Budget 👉 📹 Here's What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Exercising! 👉 Music - licensed by Epidemic Sound: Beach Day - Dylan Sitts Carpet - Dylan Sitts Child Lock - Guustavv Last September - Dylan Sitts Thermal - [ocean jams] Whirlwind - [ocean jams] Photos: © Triathlon / Getty Images