Triathlon Training Plan | Increase Your Training Volume | Week 3-4

Published on February 27th 2018


You’re a couple of weeks into training for your first triathlon and you’re over one of the toughest hurdles; starting. Now it’s time to increase the training volume, learn how to fuel on the bike and progress into weeks 3 and 4. Here is part two of our ‘How To Train For Your First Triathlon’ series. Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: Swimming - Now that you’ve been in the pool a few times over the past couple of weeks, you’ll have hopefully started to find your feel for the water, and started getting the hang of your technique. But, don’t worry if you haven’t, swimming is a very technical sport, so don’t panic if you’re not progressing as quickly as you are with the other disciplines. Providing you’re ready to, you can start increasing the distances of our swimming. This doesn’t have to be the overall distance, but more the length of reps within the session. The idea is that you get you to a point of comfortably covering the triathlon swim distance, all in one go. You should still aim to complete 2 swims per week, but now over a duration of 40-45 minutes. Cycling - With 2 weeks of cycling under your belt, you should be ready to start increasing the duration of your rides. Try to maintain 2 rides per week, progressing them to around 75 minutes in the 3rd week, and up to 80 minutes in your 4th week. If you will struggle to fit 2 rides in then an indoor trainer can be really useful. If you’re lucky enough to have a turbo trainer at home, you can fit bike sessions in before or after work when there may be less light on the roads. Or, you could of course use a static bike at your local gym, or join a spin class for some motivation! Running - You want to progress the running in a similar way. If you’re starting out with short runs within a walk, then you can begin increasing the length of those runs ever so slightly. But if you’re already doing sustained runs, then you can push them up to around 38-40 minutes in your 3rd week, and around 40-45 minutes in your 4th week. Remember to keep them all easy and aerobic for now. Continue aiming to run twice per week. If you’re not comfortable with covering this kind of distance or duration just yet, stick with the current duration and keep the training consistent. With this increased training volume, you’ll likely be feeling quite tired and, that’s normal. Make sure that you don’t underestimate the training and how tired it can make you. It’s really important to recover well and absorb the training that you’ve done. This means fuelling well, getting enough sleep, stretching, and taking recovery days! And finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself 👍 If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link - Music: Epidemic Sound Watch more on GTN... 📹 How To Train For Your First Triathlon | An Introduction To Triathlon Training - 📹 Triathlon Training Plan | Kickstart Your Triathlon Training | Week 1-2 - Photos: © Triathlon / Getty Images