Triathlon Training Plan | Make Your Training Event Specific | Week 5-6

Published on March 15th 2018


Now that you have built some fitness across all three disciplines, it's time to progress them further and start thinking about the specific course that you’ll be racing on. We are in to weeks 5 and 6 of training for your first triathlon and this is part three of our ‘How To Train For Your First Triathlon’ series. Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: Swimming - If your already up to swimming around 1000m in a session and first triathlon is a super-sprint or even a sprint distance, then there is little need to increase the total distance of your swim sessions. With it being your first triathlon, your main aim is to complete the triathlon comfortably. So, your focus should now be placed on completing longer reps, and gradually working up to a single rep equal to the swim distance in the triathlon, whilst maintaining your two swims per week. Cycling - On the bike, it’s time to start thinking about the course for your first triathlon. If possible, do a little research into the route and terrain by looking on the event website, or asking someone that has done it before. Then you can then start tailoring your training to suit that course. If it’s a hilly course, for example, then you can start including more hills into your rides. Perhaps even try to find a hill that matches the gradient of those on the course. This will make a big difference on race day and make you feel much more comfortable on the bike. Running - With your running, it’s time to start including some brick sessions! This is a term used for running off the bike, and preparing you for race day. Start off short with these brick session runs. Try doing a 10-15minute run off one of your bike sessions per week to begin with. You’ll likely have the feeling heavy legs and that’s totally normal but in doing these, it will gradually get easier. This phase is all about preparing for the event, and starting to look beyond just training and getting fitter. And finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself 👍 If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link - Watch more on GTN... 📹 How To Train For Your First Triathlon - 📹 How To Run Off The Bike - Music: Epidemic Sound Amphibian STEMS INSTRUMENTS - Christian Nanzell Castle To Ruin (Instrumental Version) STEMS BASS - Martin Hall Don't Know It Yet - Aldenmark Niklasson Now We Do It Again - Martin Hall Pink And Blue - oomiee Photos: © Triathlon / Getty Images