Why Can't You Stay In Zone 2? | GTN Coach's Corner

Published on March 13th 2023


This week's Coach's Corner is all about heart rate zones. How do I stop tipping into zone 3? Should I be finding zone 2 so uncomfortable? Why does my watch say zone 4 when I'm running slowly? We end today's #gtncoachescorner with a round of quickfire questions so we can answer as many of your queries on heart rate as possible! πŸ™Œ 0:00 - Intro 0:30 - I keep tipping into zone 3 2:18 - Why do I find zone 2 uncomfortable? 3:55 - Heart rate too high when running 5:38 - Should I run indoors more? 8:28 - Trying to run Z2 but my watch says Z4 10:06 - My Z2 HR for MaxHR and LTHR are very different 11:16 - I can't have both high cadence and high pace 12:37 - Why is my watch saying I swim at max HR? Useful Links Submit your Photo and Video to us πŸ‘‰ https://gtn.io/UPLOAD Check out the GTN Shop πŸ‘‰ https://gtn.io/TeamKit GTN Training Plans πŸ‘‰ gcn.eu/gtntp Sticking to zone 2 during your training can be a real challenge, do you have any tips or advice for staying within the heart rate zone? ❀️ Share it with the community in the comment section below! πŸ’¬ Watch more on GTN... πŸ“Ή Why Is Everyone Talking About Zone 2?! πŸ‘‰ https://youtu.be/tqTYJg2mnT0 πŸ“Ή Watch our Editor’s Choice Playlist πŸ‘‰ https://gtn.io/editorschoice πŸ“Ή Watch our weekly show, The GTN Show πŸ‘‰ https://gtn.io/GTNshowPlaylist Photos: Β© Triathlon / Getty Images 🎡 Music - licensed by Epidemic Sound / Artlist 🎡 Air Fry - Jobii Botanist Boogie Breakdown - Ryan James Carr dustoff - shamgang Effort (Instrumental Version) - Katori Walker Look How Pretty Today Is - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist ShamWhoa - _91nova #gtn #triathlon #swimbikerun #swim #bike #run #heartrate #HRzones #heartratetraining #zone2 #zones The Global Triathlon Network (GTN) is the world's biggest triathlon YouTube channel, with new videos every day! GTN is for anyone who loves triathlon: from seasoned triathletes to first-timers – and everyone in between! With the help of our former pro and Olympic medal-winning team, we’re here to inform, entertain and inspire you to become a better triathlete; including videos on: - How to swim, bike, and run faster with expert knowledge - Try our session ideas - Investigations into wide-ranging topics - The best triathlon bike tech and gear with pro-know-how - In-depth, entertaining features from the heart of the sport - Chat, opinion and interact with us across the channel and on social media! Join us on YouTube’s best triathlon channel to get closer to the sport and to become a better, faster and fitter triathlete! Welcome to the Global Triathlon Network. Thanks to our sponsors: Canyon bikes: http://gtn.io/canyon-bikes THEMAGIC5: https://gtn.io/TheMagic5 MET Helmets: https://gtn.io/MET ON Running: http://gtn.io/On-Running Orca: http://gtn.io/Orca Park Tool: http://gtn.io/parktool Precision Fuel & Hydration: https://gtn.io/PrecisionHydration Selle Italia: https://gtn.io/SelleItalia Trimtex: https://gtn.io/Trimtex Wahoo: https://gtn.io/Wahoo Zwift: http://gtn.io/zwift Watch our sister channels: Global Cycling Network - https://www.youtube.com/gcn GCN Tech - https://www.youtube.com/gcntech GCN Racing - https://www.youtube.com/gcnracing GCN Italia - https://www.youtube.com/gcnitalia GCN en Espanol - https://www.youtube.com/gcnenespanol GCN auf Deutsch - https://www.youtube.com/gcnaufdeutsch GCN en Francais - https://www.youtube.com/gcnenfrancais GCN Japan - https://www.youtube.com/gcnjapan GCN Training - https://www.youtube.com/gcntraining Global Mountain Bike Network - https://youtube.com/gmbn GMBN Racing - https://gmbn.eu/GMBNracing GMBN Tech - https://www.youtube.com/gmbntech Electric Mountain Bike Network - https://www.youtube.com/emb