Triathlon Training Plan | Kickstart Your Triathlon Training | Week 1-2

Published on February 9th 2018


The first part of GTN's 12 week triathlon training plan is here to help you train for your first event. Kickstart your training with these tips, sessions and advice on what you should do during your first two weeks of training. Subscribe to GTN: Check out the GTN Shop: Swimming - Swimming tends to be the discipline that is most daunting to people, especially so if it’s new to you. Swimming is largely about technique, which is quite hard to figure out on your own. Before you teach yourself any terrible habits, a good option would be to get someone to take a look at your swimming. That can simply be a training partner, a friend, or you could actually join a local swimming or triathlon club that might have a coach. So, given the technical aspect of swimming, it is better to swim little but often to begin with. This will give you the best chance of learning any new skills. Providing you have the time to, a good starting point is to complete 2 swims per week, each of around 30-40 minutes. Cycling - To begin with, all your cycling training should be focussed on building fitness, and your confidence. Cycling is actually a very technical sport, more so than most people realise. So even if you have some cycling experience, it may well be worth spending a little time honing your skills first. Rather than heading out for rides at breakneck speeds, keep it to a conversational pace. This will allow you to build that base level of aerobic fitness and muscular strength, without overdoing it too soon. A good starting point could be two rides per week, at around 60 minutes for each. Now, it’s really important not to increase this too quickly. So we’re going to follow the 10% rule. Never go up in training distance or duration by more than 10% per week. Running - In a similar way to the cycling, all your running should just be at a steady and aerobic pace to begin with. It’s often the one that people get carried away with, and try to run too fast, too soon. And too fast, too often. If you are new to running, imply head out for a walk, and throw in the occasional 30 - 60sec easy run, and then build this up with time. Dependent on your current level of fitness and running history, we would recommend starting out with no more than 30 minute runs. In fact, my personal experience is that the little but often trick also works wonders for running. If time allows, I would recommend doing 2 easy 20-30min runs in your first week, and in the second week just step this up slightly to 30-35mins. If you found this video useful, don't forget to share it with someone who is also doing their first event! If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 Music: Epidemic Sound Her Majesty 4 - Victor Olsson.wav My Baby Knows (Instrumental Version) - Johan Glössner Summer Vibe - Tomas Skyldeberg Watch more on GTN... 📹 How To Choose Your First Triathlon - 📹 How To Train For Your First Triathlon | An Introduction To Triathlon Training -